YoYo Apparel UK

YOYO Apparel is born


Paintbrush Tee

Welcome everyone, and thanks for stopping by our brand spanking new blog. We’ve been working day and night to perfect our first collection ‘Cowabunga’, and are super excited to share it with you. In fact, here’s a sneak preview just for you (you’re welcome).

It’s a neat fusion of 80s and 90s influences from our youths – Delorian, check. Pineapples, check. Techno Navajo, check. All set to a beautiful colour palette, with an essential dash of neon.

Through our blog, we want you to step inside our world and see exactly how we create and deliver your favourite YOYO designs from start to finish. From our mad, messy (and sometimes genius) moments in the studio, to our mistakes (some things just don’t work, right?) and the wonderful feeling you get when you see a freshly printed t-shirt on the hanger and think ‘wow, that is THE nuts’.

It gets better – each collection YOYO releases will be accompanied by exclusive *amazing* mix from one of our favourite DJ friends (who will soon become your favourite DJs too). So you can git up and git down until your heart’s content, all courtesy of YOYO.

We plan to share it all, and have lots of fun along the way. Please get in touch to say hello, or ask us a question at yoyoappareluk@gmail.com

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